Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Collections

 Pocket Sided Bag. (Pouch)
boleh letak mcm2. gambar sekadar hiasan. stationery bole, makeup bole, u decide.
RM30 (include postage)


Sunglasses Case
RM16 (include postage)

Pocket Bag
You can put anything you want. gambar sekadar hiasan.
RM16 (include postage)

Braid Bag
RM45 (include postage)

designed & sewn by: aimi nadzirah yahya
more info: dazzlingdenim

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Order from; Santha Kumari by, Aimi Nadzirah

This is what our customer order from us. she wanted a denim bag, a simple one so after considering our designs that we had, she chose this one...(what we did for her)

Simple, bedazzled, tali pendek

She also wanted us to make a tiffin bag for her daughter to go to school. for those who are wondering what is tiffin bag,,tiffin bag is beg bekal. sSo this how it looks like.

Simple, 2 types of denim combine (light blue, dark blue)

Also a purse of 3 compartment. And it looks like this;

Medium size, bedazzled

And last but not least a coin purse for her daughter, and this is the result;

Small, bedazzled

designed & sewn by: aimi nadzirah yahya
more info: DazzlingDenim

Clutch Collection

Denim Clutch
RM36 (include postage)
(limited edition)

-size: 17 x 20cm
no: DD-010

Denim Clutch
RM30 (include postage)
(limited edition)
-size: 15 x 32cm
no: DD-009

Design & sewn by: Aimi Nadzirah Yahya

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hand Made Denim Bag

bag ni masa zaman muda2 kitorg, haha. masa ni kitorg nasih blaja kat SIIUC it was actually made and design by me, and also my nad. Pencetus idea bag ialah nad. she was the one who started the trend of handmade denim bag. so i tengok bag dy i pon berkenan. tuisyen ngan dy sekejap tentang macm mana dy buat beg,,blik umah aku pe lagi selongkar la almari cari jeans. my mom jadi mangsa tolong i jahit. after few days, my brother pulak mintak i buatkn stu denim bag...jadilah kisah keluarga denim bag. hahah. so tengah2 blaja kawan2 kitorg pon berkenan and started buat tempahan from nad.

ni qurratu izyan punye 

ni nad punye.

ni ialah beg pertama nad yang buatkan semua org nk buat cm ni!!hehe thanks a lot to her <3

ni qurratu izyan punye, jeans bapak dy, dy kebas, hahah

inilah rakan kami punye tempahan, this one is Dja's. thnks Dja!!


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