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You can't wear your jeans anymore? It's getting tighter? Eh, eh mana boleh seluar makin ketat..korang yang makin gemuk la tu..Hehe..

I'm just kidding!!! Don't take it seriously ye, my point was, if you did not want to wear anymore, wanted to throw away but you still wanted to keep it, if you keep it, your mom will start babble; “Baju-baju dengan seluar-seluar yang ko tak pakai lagi tu bagi kat orang la…dah tak muat dah pon…buat pe dok simpan?? Buat menyemak almari je lah yan…” like I always say…'mom's babble is like the music to your ear.' So..we can give you guys a solution.

What you can do is you can recycle back your denim by just giving it to us and we will TRANSFORM your jeans into a variety types of bag such as POUCH, PURSE, HANDBAG, CLUTCH, HP CASE, LAPTOP CASE and anything that you wanted in to be. But if you did not have any unused jeans in your keeping, yet you nak buat jugak kan…dun worry coz we will provide you with our denim. 

You just need to tell us how do you want the bag to look like because we welcome our customer’s idea and design. If you do not have any idea to design your bag no worries, browse our pictures below and maybe you got the picture of how you wanted your bag to look like as customer's desire is our priority’'. 

The important thing is you'll have your own 'LIMITED EDITION' denim bag. You can also order what had been in our collection if you did not want to 'tempah' and wait for it to become a bag. Cause it will take a quite a number of days to 'siapkan' denim bag itu. So what are guys waiting for??? Dig your cupboard now!!!


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